Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Wild Child CD Review

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Wild Child
Carved Records


1) Fools Gold
2) Lipstick Wonder Woman
3) Cold Heart
4) Downtown Tonight
5) Say a Prayer
6) House That Jack Built
7) Last One Leaving
8) Still Young (Hey Kids)
9) You Got Me Baby
10) House On Fire
11) Where I Want You
12) Poor Boy’s Dream


Tyler Bryant – Vocals, Guitars
Caleb Crosby – Drums
Graham Whitford – Guitar
Noah Denney – Bass


Every once in a while you come across that certain artist that just kicks you square in the nuts. TYLER BRYANT & THE SHAKEDOWN are one of those artists. I was introducedto the band music two years ago. I was sent the link to the band’s “From The Sandcastle” to feature on my radio show. I immediately told my listeners to watch for this band.

Fast forward two years and the band has just released “Wild Child.” I’ve been waiting in giddy anticipation for months for this to be released. I knew this was going to be a special kind of release and the band absolutely does NOT disappoint.

Every aspect of this CD works in a massive, transcendental way. The combined guitar attack of Tyler and Graham Whitford provide an absolutely sonic wall of sound. The rhythm section of Caleb Crosby and Noah Denney provide the boom needed to make the songs even meaner sounding. You then add in Tyler’s expressive singing and you have one of the best all out blues attacks I’ve heard in the past decade.

From the opening wails of “Fools Gold” to the closing acoustic driven “Poor Boy’s Dream”, there is absolutely nothing about this record to dislike. “Cold Heart” has a definitive Credance Clearwater Revival feel to it.  “House That Jack Built” is one of the most dynamic and sonic tunes I’ve heard in a good long while. When Tyler sings, “Ain’t never loved nobody, ain’t nobody ever loved me!”, you can feel it oozing from his soul.

Bottomline, your record collection is NOT complete without this in it. These guys are destined to do huge things and deservedly so. You can trust that when these guys come back to town, I will be one of the first people in line.






Bringin’ Back The Groove…

So, I know I’ve seriously neglected this blog in favor of the Auditory Slam one.

I’m currently in the process of creating and launching my new radio network, Audiotopsy Radio. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally happening. I know you guys have been patiently waiting for it to happen. It’s going to be a 24/7 internet radio network that will feature music of all kinds. We’ll also have tons of LIVE SHOWS that will feature just about every kind of music under the sun.

Regardless of your musical tastes, there should be something here for you. Rock, Metal, Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, Hip Hop, Hair Metal will ALL be represented by shows on here. We’re also looking for people that might be interested in doing their own shows on the network. I’m looking for serious, dedicated people that want to create custom content and have fun.

Also, if you already have a show and might be interested in expanding the networks that you are heard on, I could help with that.

You say you have a business that you want advertised but can’t afford the high prices that regular FM charge? I can help with that. Hell, we might even be able to trade services if you have something that I can use.

Also coming on here will be lots of CD reviews of new music. If you’re an artist that would like your music reviewed, send it on over to audiotopsyradio@gmail.com and I will get it reviewed on the appropriate blog.